• Theater in the Now Interview with Charles Bloom - Read the interview.
  • INSOMNIA - Midtown International Theatre Festival - Caat announced: Philip Skinner, Dan; Jesse Manocherian, Brad; Anette Michelle Sanders, Sylvia; Lauren Lukacek, Linda; Chris Brick, Nick; Tyler Milliron, Clint; Dennis Holland, Jack. The Workshop Theatre (Main Stage), 312 W. 36th St.

    Insomnia features music and lyrics by Charles Bloom and a book by Theo Wolf. It is directed and choreographed by Ovi Vargas with musical direction by James Followell. Insomnia is produced by Andrew Benvenuti. Insomnia on Facebook | Midtown International Theatre Festival
  • THIS WILL ALL BE YOURS - In 1979, the Price family farm was a peaceful place until a visitor arrived: the future. Learn More »
  • Bloom in London - Charles has 2 songs in the London revue, SNAPPY TITLE: Making History. It will be presented at The Pheasentry - Kings Road - February 21st. For more info. visit:
  • CD Release! - Music & Lyrics by Charles Bloom: IN HERE - The first CD of Charles' work for commercial release launched last fall. Recorded by an 18-piece orchestra, the vocalists are: Christine Ebersole, Aaron Lazar, Howard McGillin, Jason Graae, Gregory Jbara, Vicki Lewis, John Dossett, Liz Larsen, Jill Paice, David Burnham, Nikki Renee Daniels, Damon Kirsche, Claybourne Elder, Josh Grisetti, Christy Faber and Ashley Fox Linton. Produced, Orchestrated and Conducted by David Snyder. Click here for more information.
  • Charles on MusicalTalk — During a recent trip to London, Charles sat down with MusicalTalk host Thos Ribbits. Listen to the interview here.