His cleverness never fails to amaze me.
— Stephen Sondheim
Charles Bloom is the first composer-lyricist I’ve heard in 25 years whose work speaks to me.
— Jerry Herman
He has creative ideas for songs, good tunes but, to me, his lyrics are the most impressive of all. They’re so consistently clever and well-crafted.
This is fine work.
— Stephen Schwartz
Some of the finest songs I’ve ever heard. Charles Bloom is one of the most gifted composer/lyricists in our industry.
— Peter Filichia, TheaterMania
New York musical thatre needs a truly creative and honest voice like Bloom right now. Audiences will only benefit from exposure — of any kind — to his work. Our creative community is richer for his presence.
— Matthew Murray, Talkin’ Broadway
Charles Bloom is clearly a talented composer and lyricist whose songs are consistently engaging and expertly constructed. His work is filled with rich melodies and funny, well-crafted lyrics.
— Stan Richardson, NYTheatre.com
The songs of Charles Bloom are well-crafted musical gems. I know I’ll always please my students by offering them up because they show an excellent sense of musicianship, well-written lyrics (whether funny or poignant) and intelligence. I always look forward to receiving a new Charles Bloom song because I know I’m going to love it.
— Michael Lavine,
Musical Director/Vocal Coach/Sheet Music Expert
As a pianist and performer in NY cabarets for many years whose interest and occupation is the songbook of the musical theatre, I can say without hesitation that the work of Charles Bloom upholds the standards and is on par with our best composers. His work must be widely heard.
— Steve Ross