• Going Thru a Stage

  • Music & Lyrics by
    Charles Bloom
  • Directed by
    Donald Brenner
  • Musical Directors
    Matt Castle & Michael Lavine
  • Reviews

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  • Cast: 2 men, 2 women
  • The show requires four outstanding singer/actors with the ability to sing in tight four-part harmony.
  • They can be any age or ethnicity.


Click here for a few selections from Going Thru a Stage.

Going Thru a Stage is performed in two acts. Approx. run time: 1 hour, 40 minutes, plus intermission.

From the Director

Going Thru A Stage is an original musical comedy revue exploring the quirks, longings and the joys we face while going through the stages of our lives.

Revues, of course, are tricky propositions, with as much (or more) dependence on a solid structure as a standard book musical. To that end, Charles Bloom and I have carefully constructed Going Thru A Stage so that there is a definite emotional arc to the proceedings and a solid balance of uptempo group numbers for all four performers (to give our “little show” a decidedly “big show” feeling), comedy numbers, rhythmic contemporary tunes and the occasional well-placed, touching ballad.

The show has a cast of four with an onstage pianist. There are no specific set, costume or prop requirements.

For a producer looking for an exciting musical that guarantees broad audience appeal and is relatively inexpensive to produce, Going Thru A Stage is, indeed, the ideal choice.

I met Charles at a composer showcase here in the city and worked with him on a reading of Insomnia at the York Theatre. He is the rare composer-lyricist with the Triple Threat Gifts of imagery, wit and melody. I do think that the material he has created for Going Thru A Stage is truly some of the best songwriting I’ve heard in quite some time.

Donald Brenner, Stage Director