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  • Principals: 5 men, 2 women
  • Ensemble: None required. Featured roles doubled by principal actors.
  • Brad. Mid-Late 30s. Lyric Tenor.
  • Sylvia. 50s. Alto/Belter.
  • Jack. Late 50s. Baritone.
  • Linda. 30s. Soprano.
  • Clint. Mid-Late 30s. High Baritone.
  • Nick. Early 20s to play teens. Tenor.
  • Dan. Late 20s-Early 30s. Baritone.
  • Producer. Doubled by Nick.
  • CyberGuys. Doubled by Clint.
  • Waiter. Doubled by Nick.
  • Coffee House Customers. Doubled by all except Brad and Dan.

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Brad Harrison, a gay screenwriter in Hollywood, can’t sleep. ’Never could. So, on a Midnight-to-dawn journey, he decides to confront the various nocturnal demons in his life to find out why. They include his eccentric, former B-movie actress-landlady, his emotionally detached father, his kinda-sorta boyfriend…and even his unborn child!

In the end, Brad discovers his heart has a built-in lullaby….he needs only to learn how to listen to it.Click here to read more.


one of our brightest, most talented and extraordinary composer-lyricists and we need him on the Broadway scene. — Filichia, Theater Critic, Author, Historian & Journalist

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