Insomnia has creative ideas for songs, good tunes and, most impressive of all, consistently clever and well-crafted lyrics. This is fine work. — Stephen Schwartz, Composer

Charles Bloom is a marvelous songwriter, and nobody knows him. Hey, Mr. Producer! I'm talking to you, sir. If there are any performances of Insomnia left, please get there or if Charles Bloom sends you something in the mail, be sure to take a look and listen. He’s one of our brightest, most talented and extraordinary composer-lyricists and we need him on the Broadway scene. — Peter Filichia, Theater Critic, Author, Historian & Journalist

This musical should be part of the fall season and, like the annual harbinger of cooler weather, the New York Marathon, have a long-run. I saw it before launching into a punishing schedule of seeing many other festival shows this summer, but Insomnia kept resonating as being the front-runner ahead of that pack whose best offerings couldn’t approach the high bar set here. — Rob Lester, Night-Life Exchange, Cabaret Scenes

The overall effect is an optimistic one. I hope someone wakes up and brings the winning Insomnia to a larger audience. — Doug Strassler, Garden State Journal The music of Charles Bloom are a beneficial collision between Sondheim and Finn.... the creators of Insomnia (book by Theo Wolf) have written a wonderful mind-scape, shuttling the audience between reality and fantasy, conscious thought and subconscious angst. — Joseph Verlezza, Theatre Reviews Limited

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