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  • Cast: A minimum of 18 actors.
  • Pablo. 18-25. Lyric Tenor.
  • Max Jacob. Mid-late 20s. High Baritone.
  • Fernande Oliver. 20s. Soprano.
  • Luc du Lac. Mid 40s. Character Tenor.
  • Jose Ruiz Blasco. Late 40s. Warm Baritone.
  • Guillaume Appolonaire. 20s. Baritone/Tenor.
  • Andre Salmon. 20s. Baritone/Tenor.
  • Sebastien. Late 20s. Non-singing.
  • Phillipe. Late 30s. Any range.
  • Jacques Gravillier. Late 40s. Baritone.
  • Gertrude Stein. Late 20s. Contralto.
  • Ambroise Vollard. 50s. Any range.
  • Andrew Green. 20s. Any range.
  • Numerous smaller roles to be divided among the ensemble.

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Pablo covers 7 years in the early life of Pablo Picasso: 1899-1906.

We begin in Barcelona from where, against his Father’s objections, Pablo moves to Paris. As the story unfolds, we meet several people who both support his artistic progress, as well as those who would have it stopped.

Pablo is about Picasso almost incidentally. It’s really about any young person who is new, different and misunderstood. It deals with love in many forms and explores how sometimes one must sacrifice who he is for what he does. The show is best summed up in a line spoken by Gertrude Stein:

Talent does what it can and genius does what it must.

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