• Book by Laura Pedersen
  • Music & Lyrics by Charles Bloom

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  • Cast: A minimum of 6 actors.
  • ADAM PRICE - The family patriarch. As solid in disposition as the land he owns. Late 40’s/Early 50’s, durably built. - Bass baritone
  • PAULA PRICE - Adam’s wife. Loving and nurturing. ‎Late 40’s/Early 50’s - Alto
  • GLEN PRICE - The eldest son. Rebellious. Mid-20’s - Baritenor
  • KELLY PRICE - The middle daughter. Head in the clouds...and far higher. Early 20’s. - Alto
  • SCOTT PRICE - The youngest son. He prefers show biz to “hoe” biz - Late teens - Lyric tenor
  • JACKSON - A former farmer who now works as a real estate agent.‎ Slick - Mid/Late 20’s - Baritenor
  • EMPTY SUITS #1 and #2: ‎These are 2 disguised back/up singers and dancers who represent faceless greed - Alto/Baritenor


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Setting: An American family farm.
August 1979-July 1980.

Through the story of a single family This Will All Be Yours looks at America’s transformation from an agricultural nation to an urban one along with the evolution from small family farms and their surrounding communities to large farms run as corporate enterprises amidst suburban sprawl.

These changes also accompanied a shift in the aspirations of young people who were previously expected or inclined to continue the family business but began wanting or needing to chart their own courses.

Despite being specifically about farming, it could be about the loss of any way of life that has been ongoing for several generations.