BRAD can’t sleep. Never could. He’s never even yawned. Tonight, by conjuring up everyone in his life, he is determined to “GET IDEAS” and find out why. He first conjures up his best friend, CLINT who, after illustrating how Brad sabotaged TWO DATES, explains that that life is a spontaneously unfolding adventure which, like sleep, is more enjoyable when not controlled: “ON THE ROAD TO WHAT YOU WANT.”

SYLVIA SYLVER, Brad’s landlady and an ex-B movie horror queen, comes over to discover Brad in battle with “Nocturnal Demon #1”: his new screenplay. In memory, Brad makes an unsuccessful movie presentation to a PRODUCER. “THE PITCH.” Brad tries to get Sylvia a job in the film, but is soundly rejected. Unphased, Sylvia sings of her film past when hopes were high and budgets were low: “QUEEN B”. LINDA enters and reassures him that good work, no matter formidable the obstacle, always finds its way: “ALL THAT MATTERS.”

Brad resigns himself to the fact that his sleeplessness is connected to his habit of seeing the end of everything in the moment it begins, particularly with men. In a flashback, he recounts when, on a visit to an art museum, the many and varied personas he adopted in an effort to meet DAN, his kinda-maybe-sorta future boyfriend: “WHAT IF…?” Lucky for Brad, though, Dan was able to get a glimpse at who Brad really is: “AN ORDINARY GUY.”

Brad is concerned his sexuality might be detrimental to raising a child. As they weigh the options, NICK, Brad and Linda’s unborn child, arrives to remind them that their love is more important to him than their libidos: “NICK’S SONG”. Still unsure, Brad seeks the counsel of his JACK, his emotionally detached father. “ALL I EVER WANTED”. Then, in what could be called an “ambush of love”, everyone suddenly bursts upon the scene to advise Brad on the best way to live his life, “LISTEN TO ME.”

Sylvia takes Brad to task for using his writing and his affinity for language as a way to avoid facing both his problems and himself. “A WAY WITH WORDS”. Then, as a last resort to find comfort, company and peace, Brad explores the world of on-line chat rooms: “THE CHAT”. He also runs into Dan on-line and makes plans to meet him later that night at an all-night coffee-house which caters to several of Brad’s neighborhood comrades in sleeplessness: “THE INSOMNIACS’ LAMENT.”

The future of Brad and Dan’s relationship remains undecided: just how Brad likes it. THE CHOICE. Then, he is assaulted by a wave of familiar voices singing a cacophony of their signature themes: “HAUNTING REFRAINS”. The last of these voices is Sylvia’s who, along with the ensemble, beseech Brad to be a “collaborator” in his own life, not it’s sole, inflexible navigator: “LET THINGS GROW.”

His new-found discovery takes him back to bed where, at long last, he feels “awake enough to fall asleep.” Nick enters to find out if Brad will or will not be letting him into his life. “ALL I EVER WANTED” (Reprise). To find out, Brad goes to where he has never dared, within his own, elusive heart: “IN HERE.”

Finally, a yawn! “GET IDEAS” (Finale) As Brad readies himself for the first good night”s sleep of his life, all his friends enter to tuck him in. Then, Nick returns. He starts to unpack his things, signifying his future arrival and Brad”s commitment to allow him in. Nick, symbolizing how future generations improve on their predecessors, puts on a Lone Ranger-like blackout mask and falls asleep.

In every way, it is dawn.

NOTE: 2 new songs, “LETTERS” and “THE RECIPE,” are going into the show but, as of now, their placements are TBA. The show is becoming a 2-Act piece for it's premiere production in Los Angeles in Fall 2010.

Character Breakdown

  • BRAD HARRISON (Mid-to-Late 30’s) Lyric Tenor Attractive, gay and perpetually single, Brad is our insomniac. He has grabbed the steering wheel of his life so tightly, he can’t enjoy where he is going. Under-trusting and over-thinking, he is the perfect candidate for the kind of deconstruction which will awaken all that is causing him not to sleep.
  • SYLVIA SILVER (50’s) Alto, Big Belt Eccentric, brassy, dramatic and wise, Sylvia is Brad’s landlady who, earlier in her life, was a B-horror movie actress.
  • JACK (Late 50’s) Baritone or Bari-tenor Brad’s father. A retired advertising executive and perpetual TV-watcher. He loves his son though, more often than not, that love goes unexpressed.
  • LINDA (30’s) Soprano Brad’s friend and, though a lesbian, her maternal instinct has made a re-appearance. She wants a baby and Brad to be its father. She is warm, sincere but strong-willed.
  • CLINT (Mid-to-Late 30’s) High Baritone He is Brad’s best friend. A skilled, but frustrated, graphic artist. (Should move well for the role he doubles)
  • NICK (Mid-teens or early 20’s who looks like a teen) Tenor He is the unborn child of Brad and Linda.
  • DAN (Late 20’s-Early 30’s) Baritone (Smooth, crooning sound) He is Brad’s kinda-sorta-maybe future boyfriend. Handsome, though with a lighter constitution.
  • PRODUCER (Doubled by NICK) Slick “Hollywood” type. Perrier runs through his veins.
  • CYBER GUY(S) (Doubled by CLINT) (30’s). All the weirdos Brad meets on-line.
  • WAITER (Doubled by NICK) Affable kid who works at 24-hour coffee house.
  • COFFEE HOUSE CUSTOMERS (Doubled by everyone, except BRAD and DAN) (Various ages, types-See script) They are the other, local insomniacs at the 24-hour coffee house.

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